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From the down-trodden, cyberspace cowboy: "The mind will become emancipated from the meat and linger freely through cyberspace like a ghost. The self will proceed however it should please and amalgamate with whatever and whoever it so chooses, morphing into a hybrid, plural identities." No longer hampered by the horror of tactility and the death of meat: Epidermis, distances, nation borders, biological processes. The only way we can be free is in a space other than this disgusting world.

Pure Nature:Pure Freedom

The promise of Manifest Destiny is still the worldview of our gurus and messengers. They explain cyberspace to the unenlightened—America and the frontier, nature beckoning, eager to be subdued by conceit. Many Americans continue to equate Freedom and frontier. This deep-seated belief is indicative of the impression that liberty equals nature (more concisely, being in a nature unfettered by the imposition of history, society, and its legislatures). The American utopian tradition is a tradition based in nature and the outdoors. This is a leftover of colonial expansion and the Wild West frontier promise of Manifest Destiny.